Prepare For Retirement Right Now!

Prepare for Retirement Right Now!

No matter how old you are, financial analysts will likely encourage you to start preparing for retirement now. Sure, most folks will qualify for social security benefits, but if you want to be as comfortable as possible during your retirement there are a few things you can do right now.

Saving Your Money After 50

Is it too late to start saving if you’re 50 or older? Not so, says Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz in a great article we’re sharing from the Detroit News. In fact, she claims that there is no time like today to get started. Check out her great savings tips for people over 50.

Balancing Your Future With Your Child’s Education

Great article yesterday in the Detroit News about some things to do (and not do) regarding your finances and your child’s education. This is exactly what I need to read, as I just had a little baby girl seven weeks ago. I must remember that I’m not getting any younger and need to put cash away for my retirement, while making sure that my little baby girl will have some duckets to attend college.

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