Ways to Save in a Downtown Setting

I have always had a love for the city; from the sound of roaring traffic and the crowds of people to the sense of community that comes with living in an urban environment. The cost of living downtown can be expensive, but there are some creative ways to help keep the cost of living and playing within your budget.

Revising Our Attitudes About Money

In our last column, we time-traveled back to childhood to identify early lessons about the meanings of money and material things, and we looked at connections between those lessons and the way we handle money as adults. If you see such links, and you’re not happy with their effects on your current financial life, it’s time to make the move from self-exploration to self-change.

5 Ways to Budget for Your New Tax Increase

ince the expiration of the payroll tax holiday at the beginning of this year, most Americans have seen a 2% decrease in take-home pay. If you make $50,000 per year, your salary just got cut by $1,000. With the economy not quite at full steam yet, this decrease in available cash is probably putting a strain on many households. Read on for some helpful tips on how you can budget for the tax increase.

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