You’re Ready To Retire, But Your Spouse Is Not

You’re Ready to Retire, But Your Spouse Is Not

So you’re ready to retire, but your spouse is not. This can cause some serious stress in your marriage, as well as significant financial problems. Before you decide to take the plunge into retirement before your spouse is ready to join you, take a moment to consider the struggles that come with it.

When Can You (Really) Expect to Retire?

When will you be able to retire? That all depends on three factors: how well you’ve been saving, the lifestyle you want upon retiring, and the age you want to stop working. The experts over at CNNMoney recently tried to provide some answers to this big, important question.

Balancing Your Future With Your Child’s Education

Great article yesterday in the Detroit News about some things to do (and not do) regarding your finances and your child’s education. This is exactly what I need to read, as I just had a little baby girl seven weeks ago. I must remember that I’m not getting any younger and need to put cash away for my retirement, while making sure that my little baby girl will have some duckets to attend college.