Ice Cream Fun

Ice Cream Fun

July is National Ice Cream Month. We thought we would mark this occasion by digging in our spoons and giving you some fun ice cream recipes and activities to do with your kids.

A Day Of Paleo And Whole30 Diet Recipes

A Day of Paleo and Whole30 Diet Recipes

Paleo and Whole30 diet, the restrictions are challenging for some, while simple for others. Basically, the way to determine whether or not you can eat something is to ask yourself this question: Could a caveman eat this? If not, it’s a no-go. No dairy, grains, legumes, starches, alcohol, processed foods, sugars or sugar substitutes.

Healthy Baking Substitutes and Tips

Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to baking. No recipe is set in stone when you know how to successfully substitute healthy alternatives for the unhealthy ingredients in your favorite treats. So grab your apron and read on to learn how to transform your most dangerous desserts into guilt-free goodies!

How to Frost Cupcakes to Look Like Flowers

After being asked to bake six dozen cupcakes for the teachers at a local elementary school, I was stumped trying to think of a way to make them special. I didn’t have time to bake an elaborate recipe, but I could frost them nicely! That’s when it hit me – frost them like flowers! Want to whip up a batch of flower cupcakes? Check out these quick tutorials.

10 No Bake Summer Desserts

Baking in the summer and having your oven on for any amount of time heats up your house pretty quickly. Why don’t you avoid a hot kitchen and enjoy a delicious dessert instead? I searched Pinterest for the tastiest no-bake recipes. Check them out!

Five Memorial Day Potluck Recipes

With Memorial Day just around the corner, it’s time to bust out some potluck crowd pleasers. But let’s face it – nobody has time to spend hours on their contribution.
You don’t have to sacrifice flavor when you’re short on time. From appetizers to desserts, I’ve got some great new recipes for you to try at your Memorial Day potluck.