The Quicken Loans Cleveland Web Center is Hiring!

Quicken Loans today announced its plans to hire 100 new team members in the area of mortgage banking in its downtown Cleveland Web Center. These new team members will join the current team of more than 300 working in the M.K. Ferguson Building downtown. The Cleveland Web Center specializes in government-backed VA loans, designed to make home financing easier for active and retired military.

Quicken Loans <3s Open Source

This post is a little nerdier than most on Zing!, but it’s something we’re excited about. At Quicken Loans, we love technology. If you love technology too, read on. If it’s too nerdy for you, here’s a picture of Amber’s dog. We really love open source technology, and have been using it for years. We’ve even contributed back to some projects, but starting today, we’re going even further. Today we are proud to announce the start of our open source initiative.

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