Opportunity Detroit: March Guest Highlights

Opportunity Detroit is dedicated to showcasing Detroit’s gems and improving the region through thoughtful conversations with those committed to seeing Detroit’s revitalization. The show features business leaders, community advocates and everyday citizens who are enthusiastic and passionate for taking the lead in our city’s transformation.

Valentine’s Day – Opportunity Detroit Style

Can you feel the love in the air on this Valentine’s Day? No matter your answer, we’re all fortunate because a radio show that we all love is on the air tonight! That’s right, join Paul W. Smith (WJR) and Stephen Luigi Piazza (Quicken Loans) for a Valentine’s Day edition of the Opportunity Detroit radio show.

Opportunity Detroit: Who’s Excited for Friday Night?

Who’s noticed a little extra excitement around the workplace today? Could it be due to the fact that the weekend will officially be here in a few short hours? Sure. Could it be due to the fact that everyone’s favorite radio show – Opportunity Detroit – will air at 7 p.m.? We’d like to think so.