Why Our Clients Call Us

Why Our Clients Call Us

In an effort to make life easier, we sometimes make it more complicated than it should be. A lot of our clients call us to ask questions or make adjustments to their mortgages, when it’s actually easier – and faster – to do online! I’ll break down the amount of clients who called in the month of December and provide a solution that could have made their lives easier!

Google’s Project Glass Could Be the Future

Google has created quite a flurry of talk and excitement with the announcement of its new Internet-connected glasses, aptly called Project Glass. The Detroit News reported today on the frenzy over the announcement. This is cool stuff, folks, and will almost certainly change our lives if it becomes widely accepted.

The Quicken Loans Mortgage Process Gets Even Better: Introducing the New MyQL!

We’re making some BIG changes to MyQL, our cutting edge online tool that makes getting a mortgage easier than ever! Whether you’re a new Quicken Loans client or you’re thinking about choosing us as your home loan lender, you’ll want to take a sneak peek at some of our upcoming changes! Exciting things are on the horizon at Quicken Loans! Be the first to take a glimpse at the new MyQL!