Why You Should Consider a 15-Year Fixed Mortgage Now

If you have a 30-year fixed mortgage with a rate of 4.5% or higher, there’s great news. Right now, a 15-year fixed is about 1% below the 30-year fixed rate. That means you could save thousands of dollars of interest over the life of your loan by refinancing to a 15-year fixed. If you’re interested in seeing if you could save money, enjoy a low interest rate, or pay off your loan faster, you owe yourself a chance to get a Quicken Loans Mortgage Review today!

Mortgage and Real Estate Predictions for 2014

Really great article in the New York Times last Friday about what Americans can expect in the upcoming year. Well, what they can expect when it comes to mortgages and home buying to be precise. Overall, the news is pretty good for home buyers, who can expect to get more home for their buck and lenders making getting a mortgage just a little easier as restrictions loosen.