Are Home Mortgages Cheaper Than Paying Rent?

Theoretically speaking, rent is usually the cheaper option. Home mortgages are thought of as investments whereas renting an apartment is generally a temporary choice. However some may even say renting is a better financial choice than buying. The logic behind this idea is that mortgage payments are almost always more than rent, and beyond that you still have to pay for home insurance, closing costs, interest on the loan, maintenance and upkeep, etc. All of which far exceeds the average rent of say $600 a month. You can then take the money you saved by renting, and invest it into more profitable areas. The Often Ignored Benefit of Home Mortgages The problem with this theory is that while you save money now, you will always have the rent payment. Homeowners on the other hand, eventually have no mortgage payments. This is obvious. But what’s less obvious for many of us are the inflation costs. Keeping in mind most home loans are for 30 years, an apartment that’s $600 today will be over $850 in ten years with 4% inflation, making it close to the cost of a home loan. If we look at the cost to rent in 20 years, that $600 apartment is now costing more than $1,300 a month. Greatly exceeding many mortgage payments. In 30 years, the mortgage payments are over while the renter is now paying close to two grand for that same apartment. So while renters save money initially, and never have to pay interest…

Down Payment Assistance Programs May Go the Way of the Horse and Buggy

Congress and the President are very close to agreeing on and passing the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. This is likely good news for the real estate and mortgage markets across the country. However, down payment assistance programs are under consideration for being discontinued. This is bad news and something that will likely hurt consumers looking to buy homes and invest in communities.

Refinance Your Investment Property

Long-term interest rates are near historic lows, making it a good time for investors to refinance your investment property. You can increase the equity in your investment property by remodeling or you can convert the equity into cash to invest in additional properties.

The Home Buying Process: Step by Step

If you've never bought a house before, you're probably very intimidated by the idea. Do you know what you should look for in a home? How to find the right real estate agent? How to get financing for the home? Many first-time home buyers don't where to start. But it doesn't have to be scary or difficult. Here's a step-by-step breakdown.

Choosing the Right Option ARM

There are literally hundreds of mortgage loan "products" in the market these days, many of which are structured to provide homeowners flexibility. Option ARMs are made specifically to offer flexibility. But everyone is different and has different needs, so there isn't a one-size-fits-all. How do you choose the right Option ARM?