What Your Student Loans Mean For Your Mortgage

What Your Student Loans Mean for Your Mortgage

If you’re thinking about buying a home but you have outstanding student loan debt, you’re far from alone – you’re riding in the same boat with 37 million Americans. Quicken Loans Operations Director Lindsay Villasenor said about half of the applicants she sees have some sort of student loan debt on their credit report. If you have student loan debt, it doesn’t mean a mortgage is out of reach.

Have a Mortgage? Consider the Tax Benefits

When major life events change the facts of your life, they can also change your tax situation. With tax season under way, it makes sense to consider how certain events will impact your situation. The Motley Fool has a list of life events that can impact your taxes. One of those things is buying a home with a mortgage.

How You Can Get Your Free Official Mortgage Review

Saving money on your mortgage. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Everyone would like to either lower their payment, pay off their home sooner, or maybe even take cash out of their home. Well, Quicken Loans just made that even easier by offering the Official Mortgage Review. With a simple phone call, you can challenge your mortgage and find out how much we can save you.