Bankruptcy Options and How They Affect Your Mortgage

Bankruptcy is a bummer. No one has ever said “OH MAN! I’m so excited to file bankruptcy! It’s going to make everything so awesome!” That being said, sometimes it needs to be done. If you have explored all of the alternatives and have decided to file bankruptcy, it’s important that you know what your options are and how they will impact your existing mortgage, or your future ability to obtain home loan financing.

Quicken Loans Billboard Front and Center

Yesterday, Quicken Loans posted their 14 story billboard, announcing to those who haven’t already heard that we are, “Proud to Call Motown Our New Hometown!” Quicken Loans first released their plans to move to Detriot back in 2007, the time has finally come to make the switch. The billboard was posted on the Cadillac Tower building on Woodward Avenue and features Quicken Loans team members. So now anyone who is at a Tigers game in Comerica or walking around the streets of downtown Detroit can see a few of my co-workers on a 138ft billboard. We’ll all be moving downtown in the first few weeks of August and we’re very excited!  

Quicken Loans CEO, Bill Emerson, Spends His Lunches With Employees

The Wall Street Journal released an article today that discusses how CEOs spend more time with employees now the economy is starting to recover. Bill Emerson, CEO of Quicken Loans has been having weekly two-hour lunch meetings with employees. To see more about Bill Emerson’s weekly lunches and what other CEOs are doing with their extra time, check out the WSJ’s article, “As Crisis Eases, CEOs Give Staff some TLC.”

How to Manage Your Finances During Divorce

Going through a divorce is not only one of the hardest processes, it’s also overwhelming with years of joint accounts and shared assets. Quicken Loans has created a free guide to help you manage your finances through this difficult time, complete with information about how to protect your credit score to how you can begin planning for your future. How to Manage Your Finances During Divorce

With a Strong Leader and Empowered Employees, Dan Gilbert’s Companies are set up for Success

This past week Dan Gilbert was featured on Smart Business to discuss growing a business and building corporate culture. Even though Dan has a full plate, being chairman and founder of Quicken Loans in addition to owning and operating several other businesses, Dan still makes time for such things as making sure to be at each and every new hire orientation. At these orientations Dan discusses each and every “ism” Quicken Loans has and how things should be handled: From always being aware of your surroundings to being obsessed with finding a better way, the “isms” focus on empowering employees to do whatever is needed to grow themselves and the business. There’s no red tape or committees at Gilbert’s companies, just employees who are trusted and expected to do whatever needs to be done. To Gilbert, failure is an option, as long as it’s not intentional. Employees can’t be afraid to fail; they have to be able to take chances. As a leader, you have to foster creativity. ‘You don’t want people who ‘just work here,’ you want empowered people who aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to grow the company,’ Gilbert says. ‘If you don’t build a good culture, there is no question that a bad culture will take its place.’ Personally, I can attest to Quicken Loans having one of the best cultures. Employees are empowered and can make suggestions to improve anything they feel they can improve upon. To read more on the Dan Gilbert’s ideas of culture, the…

Guide to Understanding Mortgage Rates

Whether you are buying a home or applying for a credit card, interest rates impact our daily lives in many ways. The Quicken Loans Home Loan U Guide to Mortgage Rates provides a detailed explanation of not only mortgage rates, but also how your amortization works, how mortgage payments are calculated, and how much you pay with different interest rates. While most people have numerous types of loans, it’s important to know exactly how your loan and interest payments work – to be on your way to financial success. Guide to Understanding Mortgage Rates

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