5 Space-Age Homes To Get You Excited About Modernist Architecture

5 Space-Age Homes to Get You Excited About Modernist Architecture

I’ve never liked midcentury modern, or “Googie” architecture – until just recently. Even if you don’t know the terminology, you’d know what it was if you saw it: buildings and homes that look like they’re straight out of a 1950s sci-fi movie. Because I’ve suddenly fallen in love with these futurist homes, I wanted to share a primer of some of the coolest space-age homes for people who aren’t sure if this style is for them.

Is The Housing Market Rebounding?

With mortgage rates lower than most people could have ever predicted and more homes being sold on a monthly basis, we could be prepping ourselves for a housing market rebound. Just with any sort of market analysis, you’re going to get the folks who think that everything is fine and dandy, and you’re going to find writers who feel that everything is in a pre-apocalyptic state.