Front Yard Landscaping for the Spring Home Seller

Is your home exterior prepared for showings this spring and summer? Have you done all the work so that prospective buyers driving by will admire it? If not, have no fear as it only takes some quick maintenance. You need to start with the front lawn, as it will be the first area people see. Here are the areas in the front lawn you need to focus on to ensure buyers will have the best impression possible as they walk up for showings!

Positive Home Values on the Horizon

If you tried to purchase a home in 2013, you’re probably familiar with the bidding wars that ensued in many markets. But trends are starting to show that that won’t be the case for 2014’s prominent home buying season (the spring and summer months).

Five Home Improvements that May Not Add Value to Your Home Resale

Before you start gold-plating your sinks and creating an over the top man-cave in your basement, remember that not everything you do to your property adds value to the home, and that the law of diminishing returns is always at work. So whether your clearing out a garden, or putting in a retaining wall, remember that curb appeal does not convert one-to-one with home value. Read on for a short list of things that may not convert dollar for dollar to the overall value of your home.