Is The Housing Market Rebounding?

With mortgage rates lower than most people could have ever predicted and more homes being sold on a monthly basis, we could be prepping ourselves for a housing market rebound. Just with any sort of market analysis, you’re going to get the folks who think that everything is fine and dandy, and you’re going to find writers who feel that everything is in a pre-apocalyptic state.

Home Buyers Can Afford More Than They Think

Not to beat a dead horse here or anything, but you should know by now that mortgage rates are crazy low. They’re not at record lows like they were last month, but they are still insanely low given how high they were last year at this time. Combine low mortgage rates with home affordability being slightly lower than the record set last quarter, and you’ll be surprised with some of the numbers you can find.

The Best Time Ever to Buy a Home? The Experts Weigh in on NBC's Today Show

Great video from NBC's Today Show. Some of America's top financial experts dicuss why right NOW is one of the best times in recent history to buy a home. They urge folks not to wait (with the hope mortgage rates may go lower). Rates are actually still extrememly low and with very low home prices in many markets across the country, now truly is a great time to buy.

Mortgage News from 2010: An Overview of Financial Events That Impacted You

With a new year beginning, many people are gearing up on resolutions like losing weight or lifestyle changes, but often forgetting to plan for their finances. Stuff that happened in 2010 may seem like old news, but the truth is a lot of the mortgage news still affect you going in to 2011.

Quite Possibly Our Best TV Ad Ever – Thanks a Million Giveaway

Ok. I realize this isn't the "traditional" mortgage news we usually write about here at Quicken Loans. In fact, it's not mortgage news at all. The real news is that mortgage rates are at their lowest level since 1951. But this is about something else. It's something we really like and we wanted to share it with our readers. It's our new commercial for our Thanks a Million Giveaway, where we're paying off a clients loan in celebration of our upcoming one millionth closed loan. Besides for the commercial being a rather large departure from most of the television advertising we've produced, it's also notable for our using Wayne State University students and facility on the production team. We contracted Wayne State University film professor Marc Ruiz, who assembled a team of students and local Detroit-area professionals for the commercial. They came through for us with flying colors. It's amazing that these students were actually learning while producing such a world-class finished product. We couldn't be happier. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.