Happy Holidays From The Zing Blog

Happy Holidays from the Zing Blog

The Zing Blog team would like to wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season! If you need some downtime between all of your holiday parties, gift exchanges and seasonal merriment, take a minute to sit back and read a few of these helpful articles!

College Care Packages: The Holiday Push

College Care Packages: The Holiday Push

As you anticipate the whole family getting together for your holiday celebrations, why not send a little help to your favorite hard-working college student? Here are a few tips for compiling a care package that will help keep their focus and get them all the way through finals.

Valentine’s Day: Celebrate Like A Kid Again

Valentine’s Day: Celebrate Like a Kid Again

I’m pretty sure that no February 14 in my adult life has been as fun as any Valentine’s Day I celebrated as a kid. This year, however, I pledge to make Valentine’s Day as sweet and entertaining as possible for my colleagues and friends. Here are some ways that you, too, can celebrate like you’re kid again.

Non-Candy Valentines For Your Little Ones

Non-Candy Valentines for Your Little Ones

I’ve compiled a great list of non-candy valentines that are inexpensive, easy to put together and yet still cool enough to stand out in the sea of Disney princesses and Nickelodeon stars. (Or, I guess, depending on the age of your kids, One Direction and Star Wars?) In fact, most of the ideas I’ve gathered can be assembled with items from the dollar store – super easy and perfect if you’re on a budget, like me.

How to Throw an Inexpensive New Year’s Eve Party

It’s time to ring in the New Year, and there’s no better way to do it than with a New Year’s Eve party. But after all the holiday shopping, traveling and get-togethers, money can be pretty tight. So how do you throw an awesome New Year’s Eve party on a small budget? The Zing Blog has a few tips for you. From planning to party night, we’ll help you stay within your budget and still impress your loved ones.