Five Useful Gifts for High School Grads

It’s graduation season, and the calendar is full of events, which means there are many graduation gifts to purchase. You could go with the typical gifts like jewelry, picture frames and key chains engraved with the graduation year, but this year, consider giving your grads something useful for their first year as college students.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2014

Mother’s Day is here, and finding something your mom will love while staying within your budget is can be hard to do. Whether your mom is into jewelry, technology or kitchen tools, you’re sure to find something on this list that’ll let her know you care. Here are some great gifts for your mom no matter what your price range.

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Show You Care

Valentine’s Day Gifts that Show You Care

Valentine’s Day can be interesting when you’re the type of person who considers picking up cough medicine a “romantic gesture.” I‘ve had a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day for my entire adult life. My frustration lies with the pressure to find the perfect gift. When did it become necessary to buy cards, flowers and jewelry just to show that you love someone? Here are some other options for the love in your life.

Last-Minute Gifts for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can be pretty hard to shop for. Every year, my grandma gets mad at me for getting her gifts because she “doesn’t need anything.” But I don’t get people gifts because I think they need something, I give gifts because I want them to know that I care. So what do you get the older man or woman in your life who claims to have everything? Well, if you’ve left the toughest bit of shopping until the very last minute, here are a few ideas.

5 Creative Ways to Wrap Gift Cards

I can’t speak for all families, but in mine, there’s definitely a stigma about gift cards. They may be fast, easy and convenient, but they can also be a little impersonal. On the other hand, gift cards are often the best option for people who have everything, or are just plain picky. So how do you make a gift card personal? With unique and creative wrapping, of course! We’ve combed the internet to find you clever wrapping techniques so you can give a gift card, but still show that you care.

Ten DIY Christmas Gifts for 2013

Gone are the days of ugly hand-knit sweaters, stale fruitcakes and hodge-podge Christmas wreaths. The DIY Christmas gift scene has been revolutionized, and now there are hundreds of great ideas floating around in cyberspace. So how is one to find the best of the best? Well, by visiting the Zing blog of course! We’ve compiled our top 10 favorite DIY gifts for your crafting convenience!

Zen and the Art of Gift Wrapping

For years, I threw all of my holiday gifts in bags. I couldn’t wrap a gift if my life depended on it. I decided it was time to learn how to wrap a gift properly so I asked my dad to teach me how. You know what, it’s not rocket science! So if you want to break out of your bag habit, you’re in luck! I’m going to share some of my insider tips on how to wrap gifts.

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