Keep The Fitness Momentum Going While Traveling

Keep the Fitness Momentum Going While Traveling

We’ve all been there … patting ourselves on the back for working out and eating better, and then wham, you go on vacation or attend an out-of-town wedding that throws your schedule, eating and fitness habits out of whack. I’ve gathered suggestions for programs, exercises and some kits you can use to avoid sabotaging the efforts you’ve worked hard at. That way you can still feel like you’re enjoying yourself during your time away.

Join The “March Your Way To Fitness” Challenge Today!

Join the “March Your Way to Fitness” Challenge Today!

The “March Your Way to Fitness” Challenge runs March 1-31 and will be a fun way to get active for at least one hour daily, make better food choices, drink more water and take better care of your health. Sign up today! Everyone who joins the challenge will be entered for a chance to win a fitness tracker to keep the momentum going all year!

Tech To Keep You Fit

Tech to Keep You Fit

A lot of New Year’s resolutions have to do with getting fit and staying active. We can sit on the couch and use our phones for endless selfies while eating candy bars, or we can use our phones to help stay healthy.

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