How Eco Friendly Is Your Fireplace?

How Eco Friendly Is Your Fireplace?

Wood-burning stoves and traditional fireplaces have kept families warm for centuries. But, recently, natural-gas fireplaces have gained popularity because of their simplicity and minimal maintenance. In today’s environmentally conscious world, which fireplace is truly more eco-friendly?

Built-In or Freestanding Fireplace: Which Is the Best Option for Your Home?

Fireplaces have a way of elevating the interior design of any home, giving rooms a clear anchor and gathering place. But if your home has already been built, the job of installing that fireplace may be left to you – and your pocketbook. That means making choices based on what will work best for you, your family and your home. By weighing the options between a freestanding and a built-in fireplace, you can choose a heat source that makes your home look and function better.

Gas vs. Wood Burning Fireplaces: What’s Better?

Unless you really enjoy snow-related activities, winter is pretty terrible. One of the small consolations to this seemingly endless season is the feeling of curling up in front of a nice fire on a cold winter’s day. Most home fireplaces are either wood-fired or use natural gas, though there are some alternatives. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each in a few important categories.

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