Winter Workout Clothing Guide

Staying fit in the winter may seem like a daunting task. However, we’ve put together a few ways to stay in shape while the weather outside is frightful. When you decide to venture into the great outdoors, the right clothing is a must. Check out our guide to keep you warm and comfy from head to toe.

7 Different Kinds of Yoga and How They Can Benefit You

Yoga has shown itself to be extremely successful in eliminating stress and anxiety, and improving balance and strength. But for a beginner, yoga can seem pretty intimidating. There are dozens of different types of yoga that require different skill sets. If you’ve ever been interested in yoga but weren’t sure what it’s all about, start with reading this guide about seven common kinds of yoga and their benefits.

Alternative Workout Tools if the Gym Isn’t for You

It’s common for someone looking to get in shape to splurge on an expensive gym membership. Commuting to the gym and paying the various fees can be quite an inconvenience. Believe it or not, there truly are a variety of things at your disposal right now that can effectively help you get your desired workout. Read on to learn about what you can utilize in your home and community, instead of going to a gym, that will save you time and money.