Energy Guide Labels: What Are They and How They Help You

Whether you need new appliances or just have to replace the ol’ Norge, purchasing energy-efficient ones help you save money by reducing energy consumption. But we generally don't have time to comb through tons of information to pick the right appliance. No worries! Energy Guide labels help you make a fast decision in the store!

Winterizing Your Home

As much as we don't want to admit it, winter is right around the corner. Winterizing your home is a very important part of home maintenance. Check out our tips that will help you get ready for the cold temperatures that come with the winter months.

Homeowner Energy Tax Credit: Get Money Back From the Right Repairs

Your home needs repairs, like every home does eventually. Maybe some remodeling, or maybe just upgrading the appliances to better ones – what kind should you get? How can you increase the value of your home while being cost efficient? Is there a difference? Do Energy Star products really save you money? And, aren’t all appliances basically the same thing, so just get the most reasonably priced one?