How To Find The Right School When Moving

How to Find the Right School When Moving

How do you ensure that the house of your dreams is in a school district that fits the bill? With a little time and research, you can learn everything you need to know before you make an offer. Here are tips to help you find the right schools when searching for your potential new home.

Financial Tips For Returning College Students

Financial Tips for Returning College Students

With the fall months quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the economics of going back to school. Living the college life means having the opportunity (and responsibility) to make smart financial decisions and learning how to successfully live on a budget. Follow these tips for getting back into the swing of school without overspending!

Three Financial Concepts to Teach Your Kids

When you’re children are young, teaching them the concepts of money, buying and saving can help them with financial fluency later in their lives. Once kids learn that money doesn’t grow on trees, parents are responsible for teaching them basic attributes of personal finance. It’s up to parents to educate their kids on the habits, terminology and potential risks associated with financial health. In this post we discuss what concepts you should be teaching your kids concerning finances to get them ready for the real world.

National Financial Literacy Month. What’s That?

Each calendar month is dedicated to building awareness about a particular cause (or causes). The most popular being American Heart Month (February) and Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), but do you know what April brings awareness to? April is National Financial Literacy Month. It’s an entire month dedicated to promoting financial education across America. Read on to find out more!

History-Based Educational Video Games for All Ages

Have you ever thought to yourself, “My child spends a lot of time playing those darn video games; I wish he or she would spend as much time studying”? Have no fear, Zing is here to help you avoid this with its educational video game series. Today, we’ll talk about some history-oriented video games that promise not to put your child to sleep at the controller, and put you a little more at ease about your child’s choices.

Math-Based Video Games to Educate All Ages

Have you ever had to yell at your child to put down a controller? Are you worried that this gaming obsession has a negative effect on how your child does in the classroom? Have no fear; Zing has some answers for you in its educational video game series. Today, we’ll talk about math games. You never know – maybe one of these games will finally spark your child’s interest in math lessons!

Study Points to Art Museums Helping Kids Build Character

Schools might start to reconsider reducing or eliminating their creative programs as more and more studies are released with the premise that a strong presence of art during adolescence instills more positive values than just creativity. This study says that bringing kids on field trips to cultural institutions like art museums helps them build essential life skills and character traits, such as critical-thinking skills, increased historical empathy, higher levels of tolerance, and a greater taste for art and culture.