Grand Circus and Google Featured in the Unveiling of The M@dison Block

The M@dison Block was announced Monday night by some of Detroit’s business leaders. The block consists of 26 start-up companies in a state-of-the-art hub that promotes innovation and creativity which will hopefully provide a spark to the Detroit economy. It represents a hope that many have for the city of Detroit. That hope stems from the attempt to diversify the businesses in the area, moving away from the traditional auto industry that has defined the Motor City for decades.

Techonomy Comes to Detroit – What a Day!

What would you do if you were sitting in on a conference with some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds in the country? What if I told you that a co-founder of America Online, the vice president of global marketing solutions for Facebook, the creator of Twitter, and Quicken Loans very own chairman were all sitting in the same room discussing the importance of technology, particularly technology in Detroit? How would you react? I’ll tell you how I reacted – I was in awe.

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