No Magic Wand: The Short- And Long-term Impact Of Filing For Bankruptcy

No Magic Wand: The Short- and Long-term Impact of Filing for Bankruptcy

Don’t think you’ll ever pay off that credit card debt? Are collection agencies constantly buzzing your phone? Do you lie awake each night worried about the money you owe? You might think that filing for bankruptcy is a way to make these problems disappear. But here’s the truth – bankruptcy comes with its own set of problems and some are severe. We’ll explore the long- and short-term impact of filing for bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy Options and How They Affect Your Mortgage

Bankruptcy is a bummer. No one has ever said “OH MAN! I’m so excited to file bankruptcy! It’s going to make everything so awesome!” That being said, sometimes it needs to be done. If you have explored all of the alternatives and have decided to file bankruptcy, it’s important that you know what your options are and how they will impact your existing mortgage, or your future ability to obtain home loan financing.

10 Ways You Can Avoid Bankruptcy

With unemployment at an all time high, and many families struggling through financial difficulties, it’s easy to view bankruptcy as a way out. But declaring bankruptcy may not only be damaging to your credit, it could also affect future purchases and opportunities. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, here are ten ways to avoid bankruptcy.

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