Swap Sites - Quicken Loans Zing BlogI’m a big fan of the barter system. In fact, I’ve been saying for years that we should go back to a partial barter system. Obviously, we all have bills to pay and most bill collectors won’t accept your unwanted clothing or furniture. That’s okay though because other people will, and I’m not just talking about the ones that shop at Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores.

Like most things today, you can trade your unwanted items or even your professional services online through swapping sites. The best part is all the sites are freebs! That means free, by the way.

This is one of my favorite sites to find and swap items. It almost reminds me of the freebie ads that you see in the newspaper.

From baby clothes to furniture or even appliances, you can find and swap almost anything. It’s a simple, easy to use site. Start by searching for your city, and a list pops up of items people need and have to offer. You can limit your listing to what’s being offered or donated by using the advanced search feature.

I’ve used this site a few times. Last year, I picked up a super nice kitchen table on Freecycle after we moved into our house. I was also able to get rid of a dog cage that was left at our house super fast.

While Freecycle is great, it doesn’t have a huge user base. Depending on where you live, you might have a pretty active Freecycle community with tons to pick from or a barren board with limited options.

Craigslist Free Stuff
We all at some point have probably used Craigslist to buy something, but did you know there’s a pretty awesome freebies section? Because it’s much larger community, you might be able to pick up some more stuff and get a better variety than Freecycle.

I’ve never picked up anything on the free section, but my boyfriend has a couple of times and hasn’t really had an issue. Sometimes, he’s even been able to pick up stuff for free and then turn around and sell it later.

I’ve read a little bit about this place, and I definitely think I’m going to try it now. Think of ChanceXchange as a large online library. They have books, movies, games and music from contributors all over the world.

After a quick sign up form, you can post books or movies that you want to offer up. Then you can make a list of items you’d like to receive and the site will alert you when an item you want gets entered in. As you trade more goods, you build up credits allowing you to trade and exchange more.

Swap Right
Maybe you don’t have a whole lot to offer in terms of merchandise, and that’s okay. Swap Right allows you to trade services for items, return services and even room and board.  Here’s just a few examples of posts I came across:

  • Someone offering website building in exchange for writing.
  • Someone offering childcare services for hair styling services.
  • Someone offering a fruit or nut orchard for a truck.
  • Someone offering guitar lessons for Spanish lessons.

I even saw a guy post that he needs dental work in exchange for cleaning! At any rate, if you’re short on cash and need a little help, Swap Right might be able to get some help for no cost at all.

So what do you think about getting free things and services in exchange for your unwanted objects or professional help, sounds pretty good right? They might be able to save you some money while getting rid of clutter around your house. These sites might also help you get services if you’re tight on cash or out of a job.

All these swapping sites are completely free, by the way. Just keep your expectations realistic on what you might find. I won’t lie; I’ve received a few free duds from time to time. At least I didn’t shell out any money for them though.

Have you used a swapping site before? What did you think about it? Share you experiences with other Zing readers!


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