Another great infographic from our good friends over at Quizzle.

We like Quizzle (the place to get your free credit report) so much. They make my life so easy by creating such great infographics as the one below. I can share it with all of you and give Quizzle a little credit and love in the process. It’s a win-win, no?

Anyway, this is very interesting. A staggering 94% of all students today have taken out a student loan. WOW. I chose a different route. I went in the Army and got the GI Bill (and later got a VA loan as thanks for my service) and my parents helped with the rest, but I really feel for today’s students who are shouldering this debt. And stress. Man.

Check it out. Very interesting. What do you think?

Thanks again to Quizzle. You guys rock over there.

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