Stay Warm in Your Home Without Turning on the Heat - Quicken Loans Zing BlogAs the weather cools down, the temptation to crank up the heat substantially increases. It doesn’t take much to warm up my little apartment, so sometimes I blast the heat for ten minutes just to get rid of the chill. But that’s definitely not a cost-effective way to keep cozy. Here are some ways to stay warm without turning your heat on.

Be window smart

If the temperature outside is cooler than you’d like your house to be, close the windows. Make sure you latch them, too, so that they’re airtight. If your windows aren’t the best, get some heavy curtains to block any drafts.  Or consider purchasing window caulk to seal your windows better.

If it’s a particularly sunny day, keep the curtains and blinds open to let the sunshine in. Place dark-colored furniture near the window to absorb some heat, and then let it warm you up. On the other hand, close the curtains and blinds during the evening to keep out the cold.

Dress warmer

I know it might seem silly to bundle up in your own house, but who cares if it keeps you warm? You lose a ton of body heat from the top of your head, so wearing a hat could make a huge difference. If that doesn’t work, dress in layers – wearing sweaters, scarves or fuzzy socks are great options. One of my favorite things to do when I’m cold is snag a sweatshirt straight from the dryer. It’s so warm!

If you don’t want to wear multiple layers to bed, swap your regular sheets out for flannel sheets. Add a down comforter or large blanket on top. Cuddle up in a heavy blanket or a Snuggie if you’re sitting around. Just make sure you have everything around you when you snuggle in so that you don’t have to get up as soon as you’re comfortable.

Eat, drink and be cozy

When you cook, your house is going to warm up. Stand by the oven while the food is cooking, just don’t get too close. Then, leave the oven open once the food is done – the heat will exit the oven and warm up your space. Making cold-weather food, like casseroles and chili, will not only warm your house as it cooks, but also warm your body as they go down. A slow cooker is perfect for this time of year because they cook at low temperatures for long amounts of time.

Drink hot beverages like tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The mugs will be warm to hold and they’ll warm everyone up as they sip them.

Other small things like lighting a candle or showering with the bathroom door open can also increase heat in your house. See if you need to make some investments in your home. Updating your house with new windows or scheduling a maintenance checkup could help you reduce your heating costs in the long run.


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  1. Make sure blinds are of a heavy duty material. If not, hang plenty of blinds. Behind every radiator, especially the hall, place a piece of foil shinny side toward radiator. The heat will be reflected back into the room. Put rugs in hall & front room. Use several thin blankets on the bed to keep warm. Hang thick curtains at windows. Combination of plastic, blinds & curtains will help keep costs down. Yvette. Stckprt. Greater Manchester

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