Spring Cleaning Tips That Can Save You Money - Quicken Loans Zing BlogHistorically, spring cleaning has two possible places of origin.

On one hand, historians believe the source of spring cleaning dates back ages to a period called the Iranian Norouz, or Persian New Year, which happens to start on the first day of spring.  Iranians still practice khooneh tekouni, which translates to “shaking the house,” right before the Persian New Year by thoroughly cleaning their homes from top to bottom.

Other historians believe the start of spring cleaning can be tracked back to Jewish customs and the practice of meticulously cleaning their homes in anticipation of the springtime observance of Passover.

Yet today, with an assist from technology, spring cleaning has evolved into a potentially lucrative event that could provide you with extra cash if you’re willing to part with some of the clutter that has built up in your home over the winter.

What old items in your home are worth money?

Believe it or not, several of the items currently cluttering your closet may be worth money in their present form! Even if your home is not filled with antiques, you could cash in on your old stuff.

If you know where to go, you can trade gently used clothes, shoes, books and CDs for cash today!

Where can you trade these items for money?

Stores like Plato’s Closet make their money by purchasing gently used, brand name clothes and accessories from spring cleaners and reselling these items for a profit.

Plato’s Closet

Here’s how the process works:

  • Bring in gently used clothes and accessories.
  • Wait for the buyer to review your items.
  • Review your offer sheet (based on condition, brand, and store stock level).
  • Accept the offer and leave the store with extra cash!

For avid readers such as myself, Plato’s Closet also purchases used books. Get cash for a new release while giving someone else a new (gently used) book to read.

The Record Exchange

If you have a ton of audio CDs covering your coffee table, stores like the Princeton Record Exchange buy and sell new and used CDs, DVDs and Records.  Prefer to trade in person instead of online? The Record Exchange also has stores throughout the nation.


For sneaker lovers such as myself, with countless Air Jordans spilling out of the closet and cluttering your vestibule, you may be surprised to discover that Air Jordans have a resale value online, no matter their condition!

Internet consumer-to-consumer companies such as eBay offer sneakerheads a forum to buy and sell new and used sneakers to other shoe lovers around the world.  Whether the sneakers are new or old, your chances of selling Air Jordans on eBay are high, because for sneakerheads the power is in possession rather than condition.

Spring cleaning can be both refreshing to your home and financially beneficial to your wallet, if you employ some of the tips listed above.

What are some of your spring cleaning tips?  Leave a comment below and join in on the dialogue!

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