Detroit Growth - Quicken Loans Zing BlogUntil today, which is more than two years after the majority of our team members began working in downtown Detroit, I never noticed how ironic our name was. By definition, when you ‘quicken’ something, you spring it to life and make it efficient. Could we have a more appropriate name for our mission to restore a city?

The national media will point to collapsing homes, abandoned buildings and seemingly war-torn neighborhoods that are now littered throughout this once-great city. Most people react in shock, not able to believe how bad it looks. We have seen all of this first hand, and we no longer react that way. All we see now is the opportunity to quicken the process of reviving Detroit.

In nature, as plants and living things die, they enrich the soil and support new life. All of these rundown buildings, closed businesses and mismanaged areas are only temporary. Over time, new businesses have opened, old buildings have been renovated and the spirit of this city is being restored.

Every weekday morning, Quicken Loans team members make the drive down Fort, Michigan, Grand River, Woodward and Gratiot to the center of Detroit’s business district. We travel along those roads for the purpose of coming together not to work, but for a cause. Those roads represent veins as our drive into downtown Detroit pumps lifeblood in to jump start the heartbeat of the Motor City. The gears in that motor have begun to spin again.

No other organization has attempted something like this. How can you help us in this mission? You can support the companies participating. There are countless restaurants, bars and establishments to explore when you come to town. Detroit was once the fourth largest city in the country with some of the most uniquely designed buildings ready for you to admire. Most importantly, this city created a gritty, work-hard mindset that is alive and well in the local business owners, and we would love to have your support. We invite you to come explore Detroit.

We already have 10,000-plus team members believing in Detroit’s success. As this winter thaws out and spring comes around, it is not just nature that will regrow. This city is ready for a growth spurt as well. All we need from you is your support by accepting this invite and the belief that Detroit can happen again.


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