Sports Fans on Your Shopping List? Here Are Some Gift Ideas - Zing BlogI don’t like wasting time. All right, so maybe I enjoy sleeping in on Saturdays and watching football all day on Sundays, but who doesn’t? It’s OK to be lazy on weekends when you work during the week, right?

During my work week, my mindset is a lot different. Since I work Monday through Friday and value my sleep, it seems like I only have a few hours from the time I get home from work before it’s time to hit the hay. With little free time during the week, I try to make the most out of the spare time I have.

To be as efficient as possible, I take little steps to ensure I can complete errands in as little time as possible: I always make a list of things I need before going to the grocery store to keep me from wandering aimlessly, and I never go to the mall unless I know exactly what I’m looking for.

I try to apply the same rules when it comes to shopping for friends and family during the holidays, though I tend to put off shopping until the very last minute.

It doesn’t help that it seems like everyone waits until the last second, too. By the time I get to the mall, it’s a struggle to find a parking spot, let alone gifts. In such desperate times, is there anything worse than shopping for someone and realizing you have no idea what you’re even looking for? I’ll answer that for you. No.

Luckily for you, I’ve done some homework and come up with some of the top gifts to get for people on your list. Whether they’re kids, teenagers or adults, I have you covered.

I’ll start the series with the category of people I find easiest to shop for: sports fans. Take a look!

Stadium tour

Did the person on your list dream about stepping foot on a professional football field or walking out of the dugout in a major league ballpark? If their dreams of playing professionally didn’t come true, perhaps a stadium tour is just what they need. Many college and professional teams offer stadium tours throughout the year. The tours allow attendees to take a look at special features, such as the locker rooms and luxury suites, while also walking around on the field.


In my opinion, there’s nothing better than taking in a live sporting event in person. There’s just something about the crowd atmosphere, the smell of hot dogs and popcorn, and the feeling you get when your favorite team wins. Whether you’re looking for a season ticket package or individual tickets, I’d recommend looking on StubHub.

This could range anywhere from team jerseys to hats or other types of clothing. It essentially encompasses anything that helps a person show their support of a team. For officially licensed gear, you should check out team websites or head over to the stadium or arena. You can also check out sites such as NFL Shop or NBA Store for all of the newest apparel.


Fatheads are awesome. It’s as simple as that. If you aren’t familiar with them, they’re life-sized stickers of athletes that can be placed in bedrooms, man caves, or any room for that matter. The possibilities are endless and images of athletes from a variety of sports are available. Other alternatives include team logos, or you could even have a photo of yourself turned into a Fathead!


There are many great options for sports fans. One of my personal favorites has to be “The League.” As popular as fantasy football has become in recent years, “The League” is about a group of friends in – you guessed it – a fantasy football league. The show puts a funny spin on just how serious some people take the game. There are currently three seasons available for sale on DVD.

Other options include “Moneyball,” which was released last year. It details how the general manager of a major league baseball team used a computer-generated analysis to build a successful team on a limited budget.

If you’re looking for older classics, obvious choices include “Rocky,” “Hoosiers” or “Caddyshack.” No matter the sport, you’re sure to find a movie for any sports fan.

Personalized stadium seat

As much as I enjoy attending sporting events, even I can admit that the seating isn’t always comfortable. To combat that, I recommend a personalized padded stadium seat. All you have to do is decide on a color and lettering, and let do the rest. The end result can be used as a cushion or flipped open into a full seat. Prices start at $49.95.


The possibilities here are endless. You can choose between autographed player cards, game-worn jerseys, or framed photographs of historic stadiums. These types of items would fit perfectly in a man cave.


As a golf fanatic, I seem to always ask for new golf clubs. Even if I just got new clubs the year before, it seems like I’m always tinkering around with different clubs trying to find the perfect match. Other types of equipment you can easily find include running shoes, basketballs and footballs, to name a few. You can find a lot of these items at stores such as The Sports Authority or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

As big a sports fan as I am, I’d be happy with just about any gift related to sports. The presents I mentioned above are just some of my all-time favorites.

Are there any sports fans out there that think I’ve left a present or two off the list? Let me know in the comments section below!


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