Speed Up Your iPhone in 4 Easy Steps - Quicken Loans Zing BlogI’ve only had my iPhone 4 for a year and a half, but in the phone world, that’s OLD! Now don’t get me wrong, it works perfectly well, but the biggest problem is that in its old age, it’s getting rather slow – and I’m not about to run out and drop hundreds of dollars on the iPhone 5.

Every few months, I reach a point where my phone informs me that I have no available storage space. When that happens, there are a few steps I take to clear out my phone’s storage space and get things running quickly again. If you’re in the same boat, there’s still hope for your phone; in just a few easy steps, you can make your phone run like it’s (almost) new again, so read on to find out how to “quicken” (get it?) your phone!

Step 1: Delete Your Pictures, Videos, Music and Podcasts

For me, this one’s a no-brainer; 800 pictures and videos take up a lot of storage space. When my phone starts getting slow, I transfer all of my pictures and videos from my phone to my computer. This typically frees up a good one to two gigabytes of storage space, and my phone instantly speeds up!

Pictures and videos aren’t the only memory-stealing culprits; if your storage problem is caused by music or podcasts, you can delete them right from iTunes.

Step 2: Prune Your Apps

According to Ryan O’Hara, owner of Sphinx Technology Solutions, deleting unused apps is one of the best ways to free up memory. “People have a tendency to use apps once or twice and then never again.” By manually closing apps you aren’t currently using, and deleting the ones you don’t use at all, you’ll speed up your phone significantly.

To find out which apps take up the most space, open “settings,” hit “general,” and go to “usage.” You’ll get a rundown of all your apps and the amount of memory they’re using. Some apps might surprise you; I was disgusted to find that my Pinterest app was taking up a ridiculous amount of space!

Step 3: Delete Your Text Messages

Did you know that deleting your text conversations can actually free up a lot of memory? I’m speaking from personal experience here. I tried deleting all of my text messages to see how much space they were hogging. Erasing a year and half worth of texts (including picture and video messages) cleared an entire half gigabyte of space.

Step 4: Clear Your Cache

A browser cache is basically a storage space that makes your browser run a bit faster – and your browser can live without it. According to PCMag.com, clearing out your web browser’s cache is an easy way to free up some memory. Simply go to “settings” and hit “Safari,” and you’ll be able to clear your cache from there.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better about life when my iPhone is running smoothly. Are there any other things that you do to speed up your phone? Share them in the comments below!

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