Skip-A-Year Sweepstakes Level 2 Reached – But Still 3 Levels to Go!

Skip-A-Year Sweepstakes - Quicken Loans Zing Blog Great news!

We’ve unlocked Level 2 in the Quicken Loans Skip-A-Year Sweepstakes. This means that we now will have at least two lucky grand prize winners who’ll get their mortgage paid in 2013 (up to $30,000 each). And the better news is we are well on our way to unlocking level 3.

As of the moment I’m writing this, we need another 196,722 190,469 entries to unlock level 3, which will pay off another mortgage and add some more cool racing prizes.

A few things to remember:

  • all prizes will be awarded shortly after the contest ends on Nov. 18, 2012
  • you can come back daily to play Skip-A-Year Sweepstakes. You get one entry every day and there are numerous ways to get bonus entries (bonus codes we are releasing on Facebook and Twitter, a various other ways you’ll see when you log-in each day)
  • the more entries you earn, the greater your chance of winning a prize
  • the more total entries across the country, the more prizes are unlocked and will be awarded once the sweeps is over
  • here’s a special bonus code you can use right now to earn an extra play - PITSTOP

That’s it for now. Please remember to play daily and help us unlock all of the prizes.

Two down, three to go.

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One Response to Skip-A-Year Sweepstakes Level 2 Reached – But Still 3 Levels to Go!

  1. Kevin W. Donaldson November 19, 2012 at 4:30 pm #

    I am refinacing our home through Quicken Loans for the second time. Each time that we have dealt with the Quicken team members we have received the following:
    a. Fast professional service
    b. Prompt responces to all of our questions or concerns
    c. Positive and respectful representatives
    d. No delays ever in transactions
    e. Honesty, dependability, integrity
    f. The ability to ALWAYS speak with a person instead of a pre-recorded message
    g. Absolute, excellent, timely and service by every person we have dealt with throughout each process/step of our loan.
    *** We will recommend Quicken Loans to all of our freinds, family, and acquantances as being the BEST In The Mortgage Business.***

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