First-Time Home Buyer Q&A - Quicken Loans Zing BlogPurchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions someone can make in their life, obviously. It’s a gigantic change – physically, emotionally and financially. That’s why Quicken Loans held another Google Hangout to answer questions for curious home buyers. This time we focused on first-time home buyers and the questions they may have surrounding anything and everything regarding the topic of buying a home. Today’s question: Is there a conflict of interest if a real estate agent recommends a mortgage lender?

According to the panel: No.

In short, a real estate agent will never direct a buyer to a lender who is not going to get the job done. That would not bode well for the agent’s credibility. Agent’s often partner with different lenders to ensure that their client closes on their mortgage on time.

For more information, check out the video from the Google Hangout.


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