Think Ahead to Save at the Airport - Quicken Loans Zing BlogI have a few curses when it comes to traveling: I’m always over the suitcase weight limit by at least two pounds and I never fail to spend at least $20 on nonsense in the news shops. I’ll blame the latter on my habit of collecting silly shot glasses from every new locale I visit, but I know how much I’d save if I came prepared for my journey through the airport.

Here are a few things to stash in your carry on to save you at least a crispy new Jackson!


Sometimes you can’t help but go weak in the knees for that sweet, mouthwatering scent of a freshly baked Cinnabon when you’re en route to your gate. There’s just something in that icing that I’m willing to splurge a day’s worth of calories for! If you’ve got willpower, though, packing your own snacks can save you a bunch – especially if you’re traveling with kids. Nobody wants to pay $1.50 for a banana they could buy for $.30 at the grocery store, right? Aim for easily portable – and nutritious – options like apples, protein bars, trail mix, or even a homemade sandwich if it’s going to be a long flight.

Empty Water Bottle

Since it’s super important to stay hydrated on a long flight, it seems logical to stop into the news store for a giant bottle of Evian that looks more like it belongs to a hiker than a traveler. If you don’t mind getting a refill from a drinking fountain (or maybe a friendly restaurant bartender), bringing your own EMPTY reusable bottle can add up to big savings while you’re hitting the skies! You’ll even be able to refill it throughout the duration of your trip – think how much you could save if you’re headed to another wallet drainer, like an amusement park!

Medicine Kit

You never know when a crushing headache or scratchy throat might strike – even as you’re departing for your tropical vacation! Instead of doling out a few bucks for a two-pack of aspirin, keep a small stash of common remedies in your carry on bag (in addition to your suitcase). You may end up going ache free during your trip through the airport, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! And you’ll have a couple extra smackeroos to use on vacation!

Reading Material

This one gets me every time! For some strange reason, opening a brand new magazine is something like Christmas to me. It’s my Zen time to read what’s in the pages of this month’s girly publication! Unfortunately, my Zen activity can add up once I’m at the airport. If you’ve got subscriptions, don’t forget to throw them in your carry on so you’re not tempted to shell out upwards of $4 for an in-flight read. Almost finished with your book? I’d recommend a Kindle for your next trip (I love mine!), but in the meantime, remember to grab an extra read to keep you entertained when you’ve closed the final chapter!

Have any other ways you save at the airport? Tell us!


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