How to Rid Your House of Squirrels - Quicken Loans Zing BlogA team member here at Quicken Loans inspired this story. Dominique is a lovely girl who just bought a fixer-upper. The house has quite a bit of charm and a lot of potential. It also has a resident squirrel.

The house has been vacant, except for said squirrel, for some time. Now, as I said, Dominique is a lovely girl, so she doesn’t particularly want to end the squirrel’s existence, just his residence. I decided to do a bit of research to come up with a way to evict the little guy (or girl) from the attic.

The first thing I learned (much to Dominique’s dismay) is that the squirrel is likely a female – with a litter stashed inside, too.  This changes the game a bit. The best way to get wildlife out of your home is to call a professional. But, if you really want to do it yourself, here is how to rid your house of squirrels:

1. Look for a nest of baby squirrels. The nest could be in the attic, the ceiling, and even the walls. Physically remove the nest and baby squirrels from your house. Check with a wildlife professional to find the best spot to place them.

2. Trap the adult squirrel. Use humane traps on the entry points or roof of your house. Bait the trap using peanut butter and bread, nuts, grains or apples.

3. Empty the trap right away. Squirrels don’t handle stress well and may not survive a day in a trap. Release the squirrel (with its litter) according to professional advice.

4. Seal the entry points to your house. You’ll have to do some searching to make sure you find every access point. This is another time a professional would come in handy – they know where and how to look. Use heavy-duty steel screen on your vents and any gaps in your roof tiles. Place screen around the base of your raised house and porch, and all your air vents that lead into the house.

5. Clean up outside. Keep tree limbs pruned back from your house. Don’t leave food (trash) around outside and be sure to pick up fruit that has fallen from trees.

6. Clean up inside. The squirrels have likely made a nifty little nest in your attic or walls. Squirrels can carry parasites and disease. There will also be droppings. And, maybe, carcasses. Make sure to disinfect and deodorize!

7. Repair the damage. Squirrels are rodents. That means they have teeth that grow nonstop. They must gnaw continuously to keep them short. They’ll gnaw on your beams, floors, window frames, eaves, etc.  They can even chew through your electrical wires and cause a fire.

Of all the rodents, squirrels are probably the cutest. But don’t let those big, brown eyes and fluffy tail fool you. You don’t want these guys as housemates.

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