Refine and Expand Your Hobbies Through YouTubeMy brother’s been on a pretty big fitness kick this year, joining a new gym and eating insane amounts of food in hopes to gain muscle mass. It’s all disturbingly active for a rolling chair-bound blog writer like me, but I encourage him all the same. Over some dinner the other day I was asking him how is progress was going, and he said he was watching lots of YouTube videos with simple workout plans instead of paying for specialized classes offered at gyms. Then he suggested a video that I might be interested in (because I’ve complained about it in the past and he knows I’m a rolling chair bound blog writer) that was about how to improve your posture. It’s long, but you can get the gist of it in the first few minutes:

Now I’m not naïve enough to say “Did you guys realize all the stuff you can find on YouTube?!?! ANYTHING!” but watching a video as specific as a workout technique to improve your posture got me thinking. How many different hobbies can one learn just through the seemingly infinite channels of YouTube? You may have heard that January is National Hobby Month, and hopefully these YouTube videos well help you become an expert at your new passion. To get a feel of jumping deep into the rabbit hole that is YouTube, check out these skill-honing videos.


Sure, you can make scrambled eggs just fine but have you really mastered the art of the omelet? It takes time, skill and patience but you can really please people with a good tasting, and looking, omelet. Jacques Pepin shows two different omelet techniques in this video and, speaking from experience, both are pretty easy to pull off. I’d recommend more meat in the omelets personally. But if breakfast isn’t your thing, look no further.

If you’re trying to impress friends with your refined cooking skills, go with the classic manly steak. Properly cooked by few, butchered (forgive the pun) by many, most amateurs get flustered by the time they reach the grill. Not you though, especially after watching this video.  I’ll leave the seasoning and butter involved to the expert in the video, but follow his advice on the cooking time to a tee. It’s also good to pull any meat (or omelet for that matter) off the heat source shortly before you think it’s done cooking. This will allow the residual heat (often the cause of slight overcooking) left in the protein to cook itself for a few minutes longer.


We all have that room we’ve been meaning to reorganize for a while, or maybe you’ve just been saving up for a snazzy looking piece of designer furniture. This video, like many of the videos SpacesTV offers, shows how people have taken tiny living spaces and made them better with simple design techniques. As Michelle says in the video, she picked up a cheap buffet table to serve as a simple drink stand and counter. She also turned her book case to make a dressing area, showing how being versatile with what you have can save space. Cutting corners like this can really improve a space, as demonstrated in the video. Also shown, don’t be afraid of DIY art projects! Worst-case scenario, you make something horrible and improve your skills during the second attempt.  But if you’re thinking on a smaller scale, try this:

You can go to the page for a text description, but the steps in making a bleach-designed t-shirt are pretty simple: draw a template, cut said template out, lay the template on your t-shirt and bleach away. It requires supervision with kids obviously, but this is a quick way to make your own t-shirts or show off a cool design you’ve wanted to flaunt.


There’s more to fitness than posture-improving exercises, and the “burpee” is a classic exercise maneuver that has many variations. As the video demonstrates, it’s basically a squat thrust that drops into a pushup done in quick succession. So if you’re afraid of advanced yoga positions, it’s very easy to pick up unlike that awkward yoga pose that your coworker tried to teach you. Other than its simplicity, burpees are great for people who live in cramped environments, those who can’t afford weights or workout equipment, or for those who need to work out on the fly. But if you’re feeling ambitious, consider entering a marathon:

The popularity of marathons and half marathons has exploded over the last few years, making them available to more people than ever before. An awesome side effect of this has been themed zombie walks, color runs (where you get colored dye thrown on you as you advance) and the Tough Mudder. It’s worth it to comb YouTube for videos of these special runs because they’re popping up everywhere; the Tough Mudder is featured here because if our Metro Detroit area readers are interested there’s one going on this summer in Brooklyn, MI. Think of the Tough Mudder as the weird child of a marathon, boot camp, and obstacle course with electric shocks and fire, and an exciting new way to work out if you can’t think of new ways to do it.

No matter if you want to work out more, eat more, or redesign the house while you decide between eating or jogging, it’s not hard to find new ways to expand your hobby online. YouTube (and the internet) is Pandora’s digital box: great and horrid things lie within it and it only gets more enticing the deeper you go in. If you’re really looking to better yourself and refine your hobbies though, you can find an infinite amount of resources to make it happen. What videos have you found that helped you?


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