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*HGTV is aware of the technical issues you may be experiencing when entering the contest. The following message is from HGTV’s Facebook page: 

“An alert to everyone receiving an “an already entered” message: this is occurring due to the page loading at a slower than usual pace from our earlier technical issues. This entry has actually been recorded even though you received this message.”

Summer is about to sizzle! We’re giving you a heads up on four chances to win $50,000 every Monday night in June just by visiting

That’s right – You could win $50,000 by participating in HGTV’s Love It, List It, Watch It, Win It Sweepstakes presented by Quicken Loans.

The fun starts Monday, June 3, with more chances on June 10, 17, and 24.

All you have to do is watch HGTV’s Love It or List It every Monday night starting June 3, at 8 p.m. ET for a special code word. You’ll then have 24 hours to visit to enter for your chance to win.

At Quicken Loans, we know how $50,000 could help you pay off your mortgage, make home improvements, buy a new home or whatever floats your summer sailboat.

Be sure to tune in Mondays at 8 p.m. ET for that special code word and enter! Visit the Quicken Loans Zing Blog for contest updates and winner announcements!

No purchase necessary. Ends 6/25/13. See official rules. To enter, and for Official Rules, including how to learn the Code Word and the Entry Period date(s)/time(s), visit


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  1. For about the 4th time this year, I am not finding a way to enter this contest. Why don’t you have a connection through the HGTV website like the “Dream Home”? And the “Dream Home” sweepstakes has a link to the Front Door website, so you can enter twice in one day.

    I could really use this money to put towards my mortgage. I was forced to retire for medical reasons last year in Nov, after about 10 years of job eliminations or companies closing on me, I was not able to save only about $16K for the rest of my life, besides my meager social security. I have done nothing to waste my money away like some other people, just not able to put enough away when you can only get a job for 6-7 months in a year. You end up using what savings you did have.

    I love watching “Love it or List it? Poor Hilary, the guff she has to put up with. Some of these people are totally clueless and unrealistic. I really do not understand why you keep advertising to go to your website, when you can’t find it!?! Doesn’t seem fair to me.

    There are a lot of us out here who are in danger of losing our houses, like me. I am a single old woman, who has lived independently for 40 years, I have no one to bale me out. I put all the money I had into this house, thinking it was the best investment I could make, and to make my mortgage as small as possible, since I was approaching retirement. Then the housing crisis came and now my house is worth about $5K more than I put down. And then I started having health problems and because of the job situations, no health insurance. I had to wait until I could get Medicare to get some of these problems repaired, but even with supplemental insurance, I still had to use some of that $16K to pay them off. And I still need other repairs done, that will just have to wait. Seems unfair that you keep advertising your contest, giving some of us a little hope, but giving us no way to enter it. Sort of like false advertising.

    At any rate, I just wanted to put my 2 cents worth in. Either stop advertising your contest, or fix it so we can enter it. Or maybe this contest is only for rich people?

    Hope someone is listening.


  2. As a person who enjoy watching a person transform i also enjoy watching peoples homes transform as well .the word you’re looking for is WREATH.

  3. This money will bring me peace of mind instead of blaming myself for trusting a carpenter that I hired to repair my damaged garage-house due too water damaged deployed oversea for 4-years.
    When I’d arrived home on R/R Leave for 10-days only needed to be replace.

    I didn’t know what to do, contacted 2-carpenters but didn’t come by my house. Time was running out only 10-days going very fast.. Then I’d ask some of my family members for advise who I’d trusted.

    Paid the contractor as requested 20-k to begin to rebuild .He kept my money without doing
    the work. After calling him several knowing that I was oversea, he knew I couldn’t do anything alone and far away from home just kept laughing at me had to repay to have it rebuild again
    now retired back home, gain weight keep to myself learn from my mistake.

    If I won, I would pay off my debts that I now have due to this incident, help my disable sister,, grand-daughter pay her college going for medical, as for me go to Spa in Austin, Dallas Cowboy Game or to a Maverick Game and just yell it out and say If you can see me now I’d survived this bad experience. Almost of all know that there still are good people out in this world like ya’ll David and Hillary would love to meet them redo my backyard.

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