Our good friends (and Quicken Loans Family members) Quizzle, just celebrated their 1,000,000th client.

One million people who’ve received help and great advice for their credit and personal finance.

That’s a lot of good advice.

In thanks for helping Quizzle reach its epoch, they are offering one of their clients a cool grand (and a half).

That’s right, my friends, one of you Quizzlers could win $1,500. All you have to do is go to www.quizzle.com/million and “tell us your story of personal financial success and earn the chance to win a grand prize of $1,500.”

In other words, make a video of yourself talking about your personal story of financial success. No success is too small. Did you meet a goal to save $500? Tell us. Did you pay off your credit cards in half the time? Tell us. Did you refinance your mortgage to today’s historically low mortgage rates and drop hundreds of dollars off your monthly mortgage payment? Tell us. Or, I mean, tell Quizzle.

Be creative. Be fun. Win. $1500. You.

Here’s a video about the contest that you’ll definitely enjoy. So please, enjoy.

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