Have you heard the news from Heardable?

Heardable, a company dedicated to measuring online brand performance, released their latest study, “The Top 25 Mortgage Lenders in America,” and Quicken Loans is the top mortgage brand online.

We’re very proud.

We’re at the top of a very impressive list. Very impressive indeed.
I’ve worked on all three of the attributes (below) that Heardable used to rank Quicken Loans highest, so I have to say that this truly is an honor. Especially search optimization. I’ve been directly or indirecty involved in SEO my entire 6.75 years at Quicken Loans, and the recognition for a job well done is very cool.

Here’s some info about the award from Heardable:

This report benchmarks the online performance of the top 25 home mortgage brands in the United States. Quicken Loans earned the top spot in a field of strong competitors.
According to the research, Quicken Loans’ brand health score of 688 out of 1,000 possible points beat its nearest competitor, Bank of America, by 128 points, or 18.60%, and surpassed third-place Discover Home Loans by 135 points, or 19.62%. The gap between Quicken Loans and lowest-ranked Fremont Bank Mortgages was 538 points, or 78.20%.
So how did Quicken Loans rise to the position of category leader? Three areas of competence caught our attention:
1) mobile website optimization
2) social media participation
3) search optimization
“Technology has become so critically important to our business,” said Quicken Loans CEO Bill Emerson. “I think it should become more important to the industry. But it’s not just technology alone – it’s technology and process. What we’ve been able to do is take our technology, which has been built internally, and leverage it tremendously in how we handle the mortgage transaction from end-to-end.”
The Top 25 Mortgage Brands in America, Ranked by Online Brand Health
 1. Quicken Loans
2. Bank Of America Home Loans
3. Discover Home Loans
4. Capital One Home Loans
5. HSBC Mortgages
6. U.S. Bank Home Mortgage
7. PennyMac
8. State Farm Bank
9. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
10. Nationwide Bank Mortgage
11. CitiMortgage
12. AmeriSave
13. CashCall Mortgage
14. PNC Mortgage
15. Citizens Bank Mortgages
16. GMAC Mortgage
17. Chase Mortgage
18. EverBank Mortgages
19. Home Loan Investment Bank
20. SunTrust Mortgage
21. Greenlight Financial
22. Union Bank Home Loans
23. Crestline Funding
24. Provident Funding
25. Fremont Bank Mortgages
So thank you, Heardable. Thanks for the accolades and for reinforcing what we always thought (and hoped) was true.
We’re #1, and we like it that way.

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