In celebration of our one millionth closed loan, we put together a little contest. It was called Thanks A Million and in addition to daily giveaways, we offered our clients the chance to be entered to win the grand prize – a complete payoff of their mortgage (up to $250,000). After a few months (and over one million closed loans), we are happy to introduce you to our three excited finalists (in no particular order):

The Carbo Family:

Quicken Loans Customer Carbo Family

In their own words:

“Dan Carbo married to Denise. We have 3 wonderful sons Alex, Jared and Ethan. We built our house 14 years ago. We are a single income family who works a lot of overtime to make ends meet. We love to vacation as a family, play games, laugh a lot and make memories!

This experience is certainly a keeper!”

Can’t see the video? Click through to watch our Quicken Loans customer video of the Carbo family.

The Purvis Family:

Quicken Loans Customer The Purvis Family

In their own words:

“Valerie and I met in high school and have been together ever since. We have two boys; Justin who is 17 and will be graduating high school this year and AJ who is in kindergarten and keeps us plenty busy. We first purchased our home in 1995 and it was a very small single level ranch. Ever since then, we’ve been investing money into it trying to make it into something we love; and we have. When Valerie was pregnant with AJ we also had her younger sister living with us and we knew we’d need room but the market simply made it unaffordable to buy a bigger house. So we decided to tear the roof off and add a second floor and have been renovating ever since. Hence the new 25 year loan on the house. So its almost like we are starting over but we really love how the house came out.

If we were fortunate enough to win the grand prize we’d probably evaluate the possibilities of allowing Valerie not to work. She was diagnosed with POTS Syndrome about a year ago and it makes it very physically challenging to work but she’s a trooper and always manages to find a way to get it done. I think the rewarding feeling she gets from helping people keeps her going. That and these days its pretty necessary for two incomes to make it. I think if we didn’t have a mortgage payment, it would be very affordable to do so which would certainly take a lot of pressure off of her and we’d be able to actually spend some more family time together which would be great.

We’re really excited about the opportunity and feel very fortunate no matter what the turn out may be.”

Can’t see the video? Click through to watch our Quicken Loans customer video of the Purvis family.

The Rasnake Family:

Quicken Loans Customer The Rasnake Family

In their own words:

“Hi, we are the Rasnake family and have lived in our home for four years now. If we are selected as the grand prize winners we would use our savings to do some traveling, boating, skiing, visiting national parks and just about anything outdoors, as well as, put some money away for the kids education.”

Can’t see the video? Click through to watch our Quicken Loans customer video of the Rasnake family.

Congratulations and best of luck to all of our finalists! Each finalist will be sent on an all expenses paid trip to Cleveland, OH where the Grand Prize winner will be announced on February 5, 2011 when the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Portland Trailblazers at the Q Arena! The two runners up will each receive $5,000. Stay tuned to the Thanks A Million homepage for an announcement of the winner!

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