How would you describe your dream job? You know, that CRAZY AWESOME vision you’ve had conjured up in your mind all these years? It’s the kind of career that allows you to innovate, grow, make a difference, and be a part of something super big! And it probably included an out-of-this world workspace and tons of perks – like hands-on training – that’ll have you springing out of bed in the morning, right?

Well that’s funny, because it sounds a lot like working at Quicken Loans! You may have we were an ordinary mortgage company, but we’ve got great news for you: There’s More to Us Than You Think!

If you’re ready to make that dream job a reality, there’s no better place to be than Quicken Loans! We’re hiring, and we’ve got TONS of open positions: one of which might have your name written all over it! And by TONS, we mean more than 1,000 jobs across all areas of the business. You could even snag one of our 300 openings in technology!

Come see us and get the lowdown on what we’re all about at the QUICKEN LOANS CAREER FAIR in downtown Detroit! You won’t want to miss this chance to showcase your resume and shining personality!

Here’s what you need to know:

Quicken Loans Headquarters
Compuware Building
1050 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI

Saturday, April 28, 2012
10a.m. – 11a.m. Open only to U.S military veterans and their families
11a.m. – 2p.m. Open to everyone!

We’ll even pick up your parking! Just park in the Compuware Garage at the corner Farmer and Monroe, then bring your ticket in for free validation at check in!

If you’re not able to make it, give us a ring at (800) 411-JOBS and be sure to check out! At our site, you can view all of our open positions and check out our video that shows how we’re making mortgages rock. Or, you can just watch the video here!


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  1. My question is, I just resently been laid off with Aerotek/Quickenloans. I was a Document Specialist. I worked on the 14th Floor in the Chase Building. Alot of us was laid off for some apparent reason. But i was wondering can i apply straight to quickenloans. I was a excellent worker, attendence was great and i loved working there. I was really crushed when they told us our job has ended. Please reply i would like to attend the job fair September 17th. I also had a friend of mine that still work for Quickenloans submit my resume as a referral. Can someone let me know if i wont be wasting my time or if i can apply to Quickenloans. Thank You, Dana Bent you can reach me at 3138060907.

    1. Hey Dana! Your best bet would be going straight to From there you’ll be put in touch with a recruiter if you find an opening that you’re interested in.

  2. I am a USMC vet and wanted to know if I can attend the job fair? What should I bring to prove I am a veteran? Thanks!


    1. Hell Van

      First of all, thanks for your service, from one veteran to another (I served in the Army). We trust you and other veterans, so it’s on the honor system. Just show up tomorrow morning. Good luck tomorrow!


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