This post is a little nerdier than most on Zing!, but it’s something we’re excited about.  At Quicken Loans, we love technology. If you love technology too, read on. If it’s too nerdy for you, here’s a picture of Amber’s dog.

We really love open source technology, and have been using it for years. We’ve even contributed back to some projects, but starting today, we’re going even further. Today we are proud to announce the start of our open source initiative.

We will be contributing projects that we’ve built over the years for our own use, as well as projects that our engineers have built as part of our weekly “Bullet Time.” Bullet Time is our weekly chance for engineers to stop working on their normal priorities and come up with our own innovative projects.

Our first two projects are:

SlickQuiz – a jQuery plugin for creating pretty, dynamic quizzes. Julie Bellinson built this quiz system as a Bullet Time project, and now you can see it in action by clicking the Quiz tab on one of our Zing! Learning Center pages. The configuration is stored in JSON, which means it can be integrated with any server-side technology.

date-picker – A better UI for date pickers. Most websites that ask for dates use some pretty standard ways to input them. Dave Gillhespy and Calvin Bushor are rethinking how that can work. You can see what they’ve come up with at the demo site.

These two projects are just the start.  We’ve got more projects in the queue to open source, so keep an eye on our GitHub page. In the meantime, if you want to be part of our open source revolution, we have plenty of job openings for IT professionals.

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