Questions to Ask When Looking for a Moving Company - Quicken Loans Zing BlogAhhh…the joys of moving! Finding a new place is fun, but the moving part is a whole other story. However, with proper planning you may be able to take some of that stress away and maybe – ahem – make the process kind of enjoyable.

One way to take some of the stress away is hiring a moving company to do the move for you.

If this is your first time hiring a moving company, how do you know that you’re hiring the right one?

Here’s a list of questions to ask any potential moving company:

How do you calculate rates and estimates? You want to find out if the company does estimates by weight per pound and distance. Do they base their estimates by the hours they think it will take to move you (this is used most for short-distance moves)? Or does the company base the quote on cubic feet? Usually the last method is the most expensive and you may want to avoid receiving quotes based on this method.

Do you use any subcontractors? You want to make sure you know who will be doing the actual move. If they say yes, make sure you ask for the company’s name and if they’ll be using more subcontractors. They should be able to provide this information to you with no problems.

What’s not included in your quote? Some moving companies have extra fees and charges for things such as the number of stairs they’ll have to climb, or if the place you’re moving to or from is not very accessible and a shuttle service will be needed.

Do you offer insurance? Make sure you ask if your quote includes insurance or if you have to purchase it separately.

Does your quote include packing as well? Some companies may offer packing. If they do, does the quote include only labor or will it include the supplies?

If you need storage, do they offer storage services? Larger companies offer this service for an additional fee. If they do, make sure you visit the storage facility, if possible.

Do you have references? Make sure they are able to provide you with some references.

We hope these questions help you find the right moving company for you. Whether you’re moving down the street or abroad to a foreign country, having the right moving company can save you stress and headaches down the road.


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  1. VERY important to check with the department of transportation prior to hiring a moving company. Do not rely on the Better Business Bureau as they do not hold much weight with moving companies. Check to see how many complaints a company has with DOT. It will tell you a lot about past experiences and certainly more than letters of reference (often provided by the movers themselves) will ever show. Have the name of the company and their appropriate business numbers to reference when checking complaints. You can save a LOT of hair pulling by doing so. I wish we had known this tidbit before we made our last move.

  2. Hiring a moving comapny could ease out your task but it should be done carefully. The article has discussed some important points which should be followed while making an office move or an house relocation.

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