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The following guest post is from Contractor Connection, a national leader in providing trustworthy, top-quality professionals for your home improvement or repair project. Recently named #1 in contractor emergency services according to a leading customer satisfaction study, Contractor Connection is a subject matter expert when it comes to protecting and repairing your home from hail damage.

Summer may be known for fun in the sun, but according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association, June is a peak month for hail storms. The NOAA says hail causes approximately $1 billion in damage to property each year.

When your roof is at risk of being pelted by golf ball-sized hail, it is important to have a plan on how to protect your property, as well as a plan to make repairs if any damage occurs.

Here are three important tips to help you weather the storm:

  • During a severe thunderstorm that brings colossal winds, your roof must be strong enough to route the wind’s force down the walls and to the ground. Have a professional inspect your roof to ensure your sheathing, the wood nailed to the rafters or trusses of your roof, is properly enforced. Your contractor should also pay a visit to your attic to give the sheathing a thorough inspection. Ask your contractor about solutions for secondary moisture barriers that can limit the water damage that can affect sheathing. You can also ask your contractor about what sheathing material offers the best wind protection in your area.
  • When a professional inspects your roof, also ensure they properly inspect the gables, or side walls of the roof. Strong winds can cause an implosion if the gables are not properly braced.
  • When enduring a hail storm, having the right type of shingles can make a tremendous difference in protecting your roof from severe damage. Studies show impact-resistant asphalt shingles can remain unharmed, even after enduring 1.5 inch-diameter hail.

If your roof or any other part of your property is affected by a severe storm, it is important to immediately have a contractor on the scene to help assess the damage and begin work on repairs. Summer is a prime season for roofing contractor fraud, so make sure the professional you work with has proper licensing and insurance, is financially stable and has undergone a criminal background check.

It can be very stressful knowing your roof is at risk of being damaged from severe storms, but if you are prepared, your chances of coming out unscathed are much greater. In order to help with your plan of action, you can use tools like Contractor Connection to find the right contractor for your needs.

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