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Juicing is definitely trending. And lately, my husband has been begging to buy a juicer. He keeps telling me that there are all these benefits that come along with juicing. In case you were wondering if you should adopt juicing into your life, here are some of the pros and cons of juicing.

But first, what exactly is juicing? Juicers extract all of the juice from fruits and vegetables and remove all of the fiber so that the juice is clean from pulp. Basically, you put in a bunch of fruits and vegetables and you end with a clear glass of liquid.

Pros of Juicing

It’s easy to get your daily allowance of fruits and veggies. When you squeeze everything from fruit and vegetables into a single glass, you are ensuring that you are receiving your necessary nutrients. You don’t have to sit down and eat a ton of veggies at every meal. If you have picky kids who hate anything green, juiced veggies could be a good way to trick them into getting their daily allowance.

Drinking fresh juice can also help people lose weight. Some say that juice is a good meal replacement or healthy snack.  Fresh juice also promotes overall wellness. The antioxidants in juice help detox the body and eliminate toxins from processed food.

Typically, we would not consume peels, pits and seeds of certain fruits and veggies. However, with a good juicer, you can juice all of nutrients out of mostly everything.

Cons of Juicing

Fresh juice can cause indigestion, and nobody wants that.  According to the Food and Drug Administration, juicing can sometimes lead to foodborne illnesses. In packaged juice, the fruit goes through a pasteurization process, which kills the harmful organisms. Washing your fruits and vegetables will minimize this risk.

You also can’t store your juice. It is important to drink your fresh juice immediately after juicing. Letting it sit will increase the vulnerability to bacteria. Also, it is also said that the nutrients and antioxidants start to break down soon after the juicing process occurs.

Juicers take out the fiber from fruits and vegetables, which is an essential nutrient. Because all of the fiber is removed, your body absorbs the sugar easier – this can cause spikes in blood sugar.

There are definitely some strong pros and cons of juicing. I would be willing to try it if buying a juicer wouldn’t set me back a few hundred dollars.  In the meantime, I think I will continue to stick my fruit and veggies in the blender.

Let us know below if you use a juicer!


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