Pig of the Month is good, my friends. Real good.

Here’s how it went down. A few weeks back, the very generous (and apparently very rib savvy), Lea Richards mailed us some Pig of the Month to review.

We heated it up in a little oven here at work.


It was so good.

Ribs. Pulled Pork. Spicy BBQ sauce.


Pig of the Month.

Wow. Ohhhhh. Man.

This was good stuff.  The ribs were excellent. The pulled pork was moist and tangy, and I couldn’t stop eating it. And the BBQ sauce – I’m not kidding, it was the best I’ve ever had. It was so good it hurt. I hurt because now I am in need of more.

In all seriousness, Pig of the Month is a great service and, based on the sample sent to us, offers some very good food. Everyone on the Zing team had a taste, and everyone loved it. Here are some actual quotes from the bloggers:

Jonathan Slappey: “The marriage between the succulent ribs at Pig of the Month and the “Key West in a bottle” citrus grilling sauce is so perfect it seems like the two have courted for an eternity.”

Joel Jarvi: “If I’m not going to take advantage of the AMAZING BBQ in the Detroit area, I would highly recommend the Pig of the Month peeps! The “Key West in a Bottle” grilling sauce was very tasty and complimented the pulled pork and ribs perfectly. And I’m always a BIG fan when food shows up at my front door.”

Victoria Araj: “How long did it take for me to know this was awesome pulled pork?  One bite.”

Amanda Pallay: “The pulled pork was so good it felt like every bite was made of tiny magical pigs square dancing with barbeque sauce. I wanted to eat it forever.”

Clayton: “I’ll let you know how much I liked it when you read the blog post. Wait, if you are reading my quote, you are reading the blog post. This is weird.”

So there you have it. Pig of the Month. Very good pig. Very recommended by the Zing team.

Get more info and prices here. And if you have an opinion of Pig of the Month, let us know. We love it, and we have a good feeling you will too!

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  1. I purchased the rib sampler package for my husband. He is a BBQ lover and also a certified BBQ judge and travels throughout the U.S. The ribs were very good and I wish I would have purchased some of the sides. I read the review from Heather Bee and found it quite confusing. I have called and left messages 4 times and my calls were returned promptly. I have e-mailed the company 5 times and they have e-mailed me back immediately. They have always been very friendly and courteous. I had an issue/concern that was 100% caused by me and they bent over backwards to took care of me. I was very impressed with how concerned and caring they were.

    I am a customer for life and appreciate their superb customer service!

    I would like to thank Pig Of The Month for the great food and excellent service they have provided me with! Yes, this is a real testimonial!!!


  2. You haven’t tasted delicious until you tasted pig of the month. I admit I had my doubts at first this being mail order and all, but thank god I gave it a try because I love this thing almost as much as I love my brand new Chevy. The great thing about it is that it’s all ready to go in the package. All you have to do is to open it up and choose a way to heat it. That’s it and you’ve got yourself the most delicious, mouth watering pig bbq in the universe. Don’t worry about the cost by the way because it’s hella cheap considering the size of the order.

  3. I am freaking addicted to pig of the month… this company will take my money for the rest of my life now, but I can’t help it though. This thing is crazy good man! It’s freaking cheap for the size anyways so try it out and I’ll leave the judgment to you. They should probably do a money back guarantee because I seriously doubt anyone would find it not good.

  4. To be perfectly honest, this is the first time I’ve ever had pig of the month BBQ and it absolutely knocked my socks off. A close friend recommended pig of the month delivery service and I decided to go for it. I placed my order, paid the bill, and went about my business until one day when the delivery guy dropped a package on my doorstep.

    I tossed all the contents onto the grill and a few minutes later the aroma had my mouth watering. Oh my lord this is some great stuff. It’s ready to go the on the grill the minute you get it because everything’s already marinated in the package. The meat was so tender and fresh I don’t think I’ll ever buy meat from my local grocer again. I would have never imagined delivered food items could be so delicious.

  5. I must admit to having some amount of reservations about ordering meat of any kind online. After all, I had never seen pig of the month ads for their barbeques or for any other meat product before. The pig bbq orders my wife ordered arrived within the scheduled time span. No loss of moisture and my family enjoyed the meat very much at our bbq party. We have no regrets and the price was actually cheaper than if we had gone to a restaurant, which would have added a drive of about 10 miles from our home as well. I would recommend pig of the month to any and everyone.

  6. Who doesn’t like smoked pig? How could you possibly not like smoked pig? Add a fantastic barbeque sauce to it and you’ve got the best tasting pig in the whole wide world. There are different types of pig of the month bbq, but I love he smokey one the best. The best thing to do is try out the Rib Sampler Pack and try all the flavors the first time. There’s no need to worry because you’ll like them all, Texas smokey just happens to be my favorite.

  7. The first time I tried pig of the month my wife told me I looked like a homeless man who hasn’t eaten in days haha. She wasn’t exaggerating because I had my face down facing the table and I just chomped on the pig until I could only see bones. I highly recommended pig of the month. It’ll be the best thing you ever tasted.

  8. Pig of the month isn’t better than my mom’s pig bbq with her secret sauce, but aside from my mother’s cooking nothing comes close to it. Delivered or at a restaurant, I’ve never tasted pig bbq taste so good. If you only tasted my mom’s bbq you’d know exactly what I mean when I say pig of the month is a close second. I’d eat it everyday if I could ROFL

  9. When was the last time you had something so good that you could honestly compare the pure joy of eating it to having sex? Hahaha~ Well that’s exactly what you’ll do once you try pig of the month. My wife’s been force feeding me vegetables for some time now and she doesn’t allow me to have meat every day, but I made a deal with her and I get to have pig of the month at least 3 times a week and let me tell you those three meals are the most enjoyable hours of my week.

  10. The first time I tasted pig of the month was at my buddy’s weekend barbeque and I fell in love with it ever since. I order this on a regular basis now because now my whole family have gone nuts for them after they had their first taste. I love the taste and I love how the meat melt melts in mouth. I get chills just describing the taste LOL~ I’ll warn anyone who plans to order this though, once you taste pig of the month you’ll never go back to ordinary pigs.

  11. You’ll eat this pig and weep because you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all these years. Pig of the month tastes different from the regular smoked pigs, that would be like comparing a thick juicy steak to a hotdog. It makes great gift for any meat lover, but it makes the best gift when you give it to yourself. Describing the taste with words doesn’t do it justice. You gotta try this for yourself.

  12. Hi Heather – I’m sorry you feel that way! We contacted you as soon as we could and refunded your order completely as soon as we got word to do so. I would be happy to offer you a $50.00 credit to use in the store any time you would like – just e-mail me at We would hate for an experience like that to be your last experience with our company — we do truly value our customers and try our very best to give them a great product and great service to go with it. We just ask for a little patience as we are only 6 people over here and I’m the only one doing customer service 🙂

    Let me know if I can do anything else for you!

  13. PIG OF THE MONTH Customer Service SUCKS! I placed my order on Thursday– they charged me on Friday– it was suppose to be delivered on Saturday, NOTHING! The online account stated my order was placed and shipped. I contacted them on Sunday- leaving a VM. I never received a call back from the company. I canceled my order online after it was never received on day 5 and left another VM, along with email stating I canceled my order that was not received, requesting a refund- no response. On day 11 I received an Fedex shipping notification stating my order was being delivered, the following day. I called the company, leaving another VM stating I no longer wanted the order and wanted a refund, as I had wanted it delivered for a special dinner 6 days prior. No one called me back. At 6pm that night I received an email stating the fedex shipment notification was a mistake and the order was not being delivered, nothing about my refund.
    I emailed back asking them to please refund my credit card, explaining the horrible mess and how horrid their customer service was. I heard nothing back– except a refund notification with no other written word from the company. Two days later— still waiting for my refund, I will be turning them into my bank tomorrow for fraud.

    I’m writing my complaint here and on any other message board regarding “Pig of the Month”– as their online testimonials are only submitted by the company– so of course they are all positive or no doubt fake.

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