MyQL - Quicken Loans Zing BlogAlthough it seems like just yesterday when we told you that the New MyQL Servicing website was coming soon, we are happy to say that the website is now live!  New MyQL Servicing was designed with optimal user experience in mind.  We wanted it to be clean, simple and easy-to-use.  In addition, we wanted to bridge the gap between MyQL Origination and MyQL Servicing with a seamless transition.

All of the great features that you enjoyed on the previous website are still intact.  We have just reorganized it so that everything is housed in five main tabs: Home, Payment Center, Loan Information, Documents and Contact Us.  Within those main tabs are sub-tabs.  For example, if you were to look for Payment History, simply click on the Payment Center main tab and you will find the Payment History sub-tab.

MyQL Live - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

As you can see from the image above, Payment Center also houses Make a Payment, Recurring Payments,and Manage Bank Accounts.

We encourage you to jump into MyQL Servicing and start digging around.  The same great Quicken Loans experience you have always enjoyed is still there – we promise!  The new website is also designed responsively, so if you go to on your tablet or smart phone, the screen will auto-adapt for a nice, fluid experience.

In the coming months, new features will begin to roll out that will make your mortgage experience even better.


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  1. So, whole entire company going with Seterus? I certainly hope not. I’ve not heard one good thing about that company…

  2. All of my loan documents are gone now with the new website. Its tax time and I need access to some of those documents. The only four documents that I can see are pretty worthless.

  3. When my husband and I refinanced, no one mentioned that Quicken mortgages will transfer to Seterus in June 2013. We wanted to set up recurring payments, and because of the transfer, that feature isn’t available to us. We wanted to set up bi-weekly payments to pay down our mortgage quicker. That feature also isn’t available to us. I wonder what other features aren’t available also?? Just a head’s up to those refinancing with Quicken. Ask about how the transfer to Seterus will affect you.

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