Here at Quicken Loans, we take extreme pride in having industry-leading online tools.

After all, you should expect that from the nation’s #1 online mortgage lender, right?

So when we had the opportunity to take an already-awesome MyQL and make it even better, we rolled up our sleeves, got a few cases of Red Bull and got to work.

We’re pleased to raise the curtain on the new and improved MyQL – and let me tell you, it’s better than it’s ever been with these awesome new features.

Let’s start with the new homepage.

New MyQL Homepage 2

We’ve completely revamped MyQL’s homepage with great new improvements to give you a boatload of information that you want right when you sign in.

  1. You can now access your profile at any time to change any of your preferences including how you want us to send you notifications (email, SMS or phone calls).
  2. MyQL’s new Talk to Us page makes communicating with us easier than eating pie. Not “easy as pie” – have you ever tried making pie? It’s awfully complicated. Eating pie is way easier and more enjoyable. Anyway, I digress.
  3. Track your loan every step of the way with MyQL’s new Loan Tracker. You’ll know exactly where your loan is throughout the entire process whenever you’d like.

Next up is the completely revamped Talk to Us page.

New MyQL Talk to Us

With your busy schedule, we know that taking time out of your day to take or make a phone call can be difficult. That’s why we kicked the old Contact Us page to the curb to bring you the new Talk to Us page.

  1. Find out exactly whom you need to reach with any of your questions, as well as what method is best to reach them.
  2. Strike up a live chat online during business hours if talking online is more convenient for you than taking a phone call.

Lastly, let’s check out the new profile page.

New MyQL Profile Page

The old profile page used to be filled with some basic information about you, and that was it. Now, accessing and editing your information is effortless with the new look and feel.

  1. You can easily edit your information and update your contact information quickly if anything changes.
  2. Pick and choose the best method for us to reach you between phone, SMS or email. You can always choose all three if you’d like, but don’t expect us to send you an SMS while we’re on the phone with you talking about an email.

Here’s the kicker – we’re not even close to being done yet. More improvements are well on their way, so stay tuned!

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