Very, very interesting article from Reuters about a unique way to pay your mortgage.

Turn your house into a giant advertisement.

Seems crazy? I don’t know. Seems pretty cool to me, actually.

Now, I say that knowing full well my neighbors would probably have a major freaker if I did this. However, it’s an interesting idea, and I hope it works out for all that are involved.

I’ve heard about this before, maybe a year or so ago. This time around, a company called Brainiacs from Mars is on a mission to turn at least 1,000 American homes into giant, living advertisements.

Here’s a bit from the article:

When they saw the house on El Dorado Drive in this Los Angeles suburb being painted a startling orange and green and giant billboards hung on the outside, Scott and Beth Hostetler’s neighbors were initially angry and confused – some even considered calling the police.

But what they witnessed on Friday was not an offensive redecoration decision by the Hostetlers, but rather the debut of one of the more unusual schemes to arise from the housing crisis.

In return for allowing the front of their four-bedroom house to become a garish advertisement, the Hostetlers are getting their nearly $2,000 monthly mortgage paid by the marketing company behind the project, Brainiacs From Mars.

I’ll be following up on this story to see how this turns out. I really think it’s a unique marketing idea. Whether it catches on and is profitable for all involved is another story.

We’ll see.

Read the full article here.


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  1. With all the publicity BrainiacsFromMars got back in the day, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are truly behind many of the guerrilla type marketing campaigns we see today.

  2. Even though home values have rebounded, there are still many families struggling to find work and pay their mortgages and I’m glad to seecompanies like BrainiacsfromMars taking a proactive and innovative
    approach to helping solve this problem. All the manufacturing and IT jobs have gone to India and China and innovation is all we have left.

  3. This is a great idea that is not only a win for BrainiacsFromMars and the family, but also the lender who contrary to popular belief would rather not foreclose. If this concept takes off there will be less foreclosures & short sales and property values will rise, not drop.

  4. Applications for BrainiacsFromMars must be going through the roof. I think what they’re doing is awesome! We need more companies like them.

  5. This is exactly the big break that thousands of U.S. families need to keep the roofs above their heads. Thank you BrainiacsFromMars for helping with the foreclosure crisis and trying to help get the economy back on its feet again. I wish they were more businesses like BrainiacsFromMars rather than the tons of scammers out there that prey on needy people.

  6. In spite of the neon paint, I think BrainiacsFromMars has the right idea by helping people out in this way. The foreclosure crisis has taken a big hit on people here in the states, and I can see this becoming a popular solution to the problem we’re facing. Kudos to BrainiacsFromMars!

  7. I’m definitely gonna go lookup BraniacsFromMars to publicize my business. I remember seeing about this campaign all over the news and TV. Generated quite a buzz nationally, that’s exactly what I need.

  8. Saw BraniacsFromMars on TV and I thought this marketing campaign was really clever. They’ve generated tons of free publicity for themselves across the nation. Seemed like everyone was talking about it.

  9. Brilliant! There is nothing like BraniacsFromMars out there these days anymore. Businesses are only out for themselves… rare to see one that helps the public like this. Everyone wins here… I love it!

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