Moonlighting and How it Can Help Your Career - Quicken Loans Zing BlogLet’s be honest: Mention the word ‘moonlighting’ to someone amidst zombie apocalypse fever, and they might think you’re referring to a creature of the night. I’m all up for taking precautions against those folks who prefer flesh to French fries, but moonlighting actually happens to be something totally awesome. And it can fatten your wallet…or even boost your current career!

So now that you know moonlighting doesn’t have anything to do with the living dead, let me answer your burning question. What is moonlighting? It’s a fancy name for having a second job outside of your career, and with today’s economic condition, it’s an idea that many are giving a try. You might be looking to boost your income, but behold: There are benefits that can help you enhance your worth at your 9-5.

Though the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only 5% of workers hold more than one job, you might be moonlighting and not even know it. That’s right! Sure, picking up an extra shift every now and then at the local watering hole counts toward the 5%, but it’s likely that the number is much higher with the ease of working online at home.  Whether it’s promoting handmade crafts on Etsy, selling gently used items on eBay, submitting revolutionary product ideas on Quirky, or providing insightful feedback to major brands on Crowdtap, the opportunity to earn online is growing – fast!

If crafting isn’t exactly your thing (hey, it’s certainly not my forte), why not put some of your other skills to use? Try freelance blogging, consulting, website design, or teaching virtual courses. And there’s so much more you can do offline when you put your interests and hobbies in a different perspective. Love tennis and have a knack for sending the yellow ball darting across the court? Give lessons. Into hair and makeup but wish you could glam up someone other than yourself? Offer beauty services. Have to take a picture of everything? Start getting paid to be behind the lens!

But how can moonlighting help you at the office? Apart from improving morale, there’s also the chance of putting your afterhours abilities to use on the job. And you’ll understand your craft much better. You’ll take in a bit of extra dough and feel added security, but you may find your newfound entrepreneurial attitude and sharpened skills giving you a boost – even if it’s in an unrelated field.  Think about it: If you’re a doctor, think how helpful your health-related blogging might come in handy when one of your patients has mysterious and chronic high blood pressure. Oh yeah! You came across something about renal artery stenosis as a cause for the elevation last week when you were researching for an article about back pain!

There are 168 hours in a week, so what are you waiting for! If you’ve got the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit, go for it! You’ll appreciate your supplemental income – and its effects on your workplace potential!


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