Quicken Loans Cash Giveaway Winners - Quicken Loans Zing BlogYou guys. Only 12 more days. I can’t even believe you’re reading this blog post. You need to be shopping and finishing off the gifts for your loved ones!

Remember just a couple weeks ago? Remember Black Friday and how far away the holidays seemed?

Remember how on Cyber Monday, holiday gift giving was just a mere blip on the radar?

Wait a sec. Didn’t Quicken Loans have a Cyber Monday promotion? Wasn’t that the One Day Quicken Loans Cash Giveaway?

Who won that darn thing?

Meet the winners AKA who you need to be sucking up to this holiday season for the good presents!

Theresa A. – Canton, MI
Babatunde A. – Chicago, IL
Kimberly B. – Collierville, TN
Anastasia B. – Costa Mesa, CA
Cassie B. – Mountain Home AFB, ID
Jessica C. – Ofallon, MO
Lan-Hui C. – San Jose, CA
Dennis C. – Idaho Falls, ID
Patrick C. – Pinson, AL
Pete C. – Lindenhurst, IL
Cathy C. – Hendersonville, TN
Lisa D. – Sidney, NE
Rhonda D. – Lizella, GA
Lana E. – Oklahoma City, OK
Stanton F. – Clemmons, NC
Anthony F. – Loudon, NH
Miranda F. – Saginaw, MI
Donna G. – Yuma, AZ
Traci G. – West Fork, AR
Bar G. – Lehi, UT
Ls H. – Montgomery, OH
Tonya H. – Caldwell, ID
Mary H. – Florence, AL
Stacy H. – Lakeland, FL
Kelli I. – Ocala, FL
Robert J. – Green Forest, AR
Brian K. – San Diego, CA
Jeanneane K. – Medina, OH
Christopher L. – Northborough, MA
Stephen L. – Knoxville, IA
David L. – Spring City, TN
Renee M. – Parkersburg, WV
Beth M. – Mobile, AL
Christine P. – Detroit, MI
Elizabeth P. – Flowery Branch, GA
Malia P. – Crestwood, KY
Mark P. – Snellville, GA
Amie P. – Ogden, UT
Michael P. – Ann Arbor, MI
Joseph R. – Edmond, OK
Brenda S. – Redmond ,OR
Jeffrey S. – Graham, NC
Wendy S. – Bel Air, MD
Josh S. – Mission Viejo, CA
Harry S. – Matthews, NC
Kerrys S. – Port Jefferson Station, NY
Sara S. – Riverview, FL
Ron S. – Lewiston, ID
Camille S. – Murray, UT
Saad T. – Yorba Linda, CA
Soradej T. – Lewis Center, OH
Randy T. – Coos Bay, OR
Stephanie V. – Portland, OR
Shauna W. – Sunrise, FL
Alex W. – APO, CA
Kristi W. – Groves, TX
Donna Y. – Tazewell, VA

We’d publish their phone numbers so that you can call each and every one and congratulate them but I’m told that’s against the rules.

Oh, well!

Leave your congrats and holiday gift wishes in the comments below and maybe they’ll see it and spread the love!


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